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Paul Zarzyski, Red Shuttleworth, and JV Brummels


With lyric poems, prose poems, and dramatic monologue poems, Red Shuttleworth's "Homeward" is a road trip through the American West: Rock Creek Station (Nebraska), Branchville (Texas), Elko (Nevada), Sidney (Montana), Fayette (North Dakota).... Buckle up, pop open a sodie pop can, dip some Copenhagen, join the engine rumble ride....

Rumors and Borders: Eight Western Plays

Eight short plays set in the American West consider, blessings and curses, myth, history, and the sometimes harsh present. The plays in Rumors and Borders were developed and first produced at University of Nevada - Las Vegas and State University of New York - Fredonia.

Straight Ahead

"Straight Ahead" presents a dozen film-like, Western poem sequences, plus a suite of poems set in the American West.

Woe to the Land Shadowing

Winner of the 2016 Western Heritage (Wrangler) Award for Poetry, "Woe to the Land Shadowing" presents poems from the fire season of summer-2015 in Washington State.

High Plains Fandango

High Plains Fandango, published as a paperback in 2015 by Humanitas Media Publishing, is a play about the approach of water scarcity, the potential for privatization of the Ogallala Aquifer, and small town life on the High Plains of western Nebraska.

Ghosts & Birthdays

Red Shuttleworth's latest book, latest collection of poems, celebrates / profiles the lives of various historic figures (Mikhail Lermontov, Billy the Kid, Georgia O'Keefe, Hank Williams, Marilyn Monroe, Ernest Hemingway, Norman Mailer, Waylon Jennings, Kay Boyle, and others). The poems were first published in literary journals, including "Blue Mesa Review, "Chattahoochee Review," Concho River Review," "Interim," and "Los Angeles Review."

Johnny Ringo

"Johnny Ringo" winner of the 2013 Spur Award for Best Western Poem (from Western Writers of America) is an epic poem, the journey of a demon-struck Old West outlaw well- stocked with zany, bloody charisma. Johnny Ringo, like the mad Roman emperor Caligula, rides the West seeking absolutes through the divination of violence and abject attempts to locate love.

Roadside Attractions

As Red Shuttleworth tumbleweeds across the West, he considers, in one poem, buffalo burger shacks, the wreckage of plowed ground, depopulation of the Great Plains, driving empty post-midnight crumbling two-lane roads at excessive speed, and the possibilities of true love.

Western Settings

Western Settings poignantly examines the strange concatenations of history and contemporary experience that typify the modern West... how that territory of land and myth both enriches and challenges those who make lives there.