Red Shuttleworth

High Plains Fandango, a Red Shuttleworth play, published in paperback by Humanitas Media Publishing.

Jessica Drew Cates as Aquinas in High Plains Fandango (SUNY-Fredonia, 2012)

High Plains Fandango

Clayton Howe as O'Garr and Tony Taylor as Ken Adams in Red Shuttleworth's High Plains Fandango, first produced at SUNY-Fredonia in 2012.
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Red Shuttleworth's High Plains Fandango, published as a paperback in 2015 by Humanitas Media Publishing, is a play about the approach of water scarcity, the potential for privatization of the Ogallala Aquifer, and small town life on the High Plains of western Nebraska.

"Red Shuttleworth is one of the finest poets of the American West, past, present, and future. Some of us know him as one of the finest, imaginative living playwrights writing for a challenged American Theatre."

-Dr. Jerry L. Crawford, Dean Emeritus, The College of Fellows of the American Theatre, Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C

"Red Shuttleworth is the most urgent playwright I know. His language is taut, unencumberd with extraneous flourishes. His characters are direct; they take decisive action without regard for the consequences. His themes hit on contemporary issues, and hit hard. He has a great love for he neglected and downtrodden whose lives are being crushed from the outside. That's why I commissioned Red Shuttleworth's High Plains Fandango, so that my audiences could feel this urgency like a hoof to the mouth.

Tom Loughlin, Charman, Department of Theatre Arts, State University of New York at Fredonia

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High Plains Fandango, now in paperback from Humanitas Media Publishing, was commissioned (2010) and first produced by the Theatre Arts Department at State University of New York at Fredonia (2012), where it was directed by Tom Loughlin. It was developed (2011), under the direction of Ethan Phillips, with a public reading, by the Echo Theater Company of Los Angeles.

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